Why ASAF Freight Ltd

  • Extra Care
    At ASAF Freight Ltd, we are concerned about your cargo, hence we have taken superior measures to make sure all your cargo is delivered in the right hands in the right condition.

  • Commendable Work Values

    ASAF Freight Ltd stands on the domain of providing commendable service with all its contractors and associations.

  • Constant Growth

    ASAF Freight Ltd believes in going hand in hand with technology by putting together the latest developments in the logistics industry. We are constantly upgrading our capacity and expanding our reach.

  • Well Organized Delivery

    ASAF Freight Ltd specialises in various deliveries of Cargo. This includes the ones regarded as most vital.

  • Proficient Team

    ASAF Freight Ltd has always been supported by professional and skilled staff that provide exemplary work standards.

  • Bespoke Approach
    Customer satisfaction is what we aim for. For optimum service delivery, you may choose a single option that includes our agency, carrier, customs clearance, port and delivery charges settled on account and charged upon delivery of your goods at destination or choose precise services you wish to enable better visibility of your costs and processes.